Commitment To the Environment


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green aware contractor

At Lotus Home Improvement we pride ourselves on remodeling each home as if it were our own. We use state-of-the-art green materials and techniques, coupled with time-tested craftsmanship. Extensive staff training and continued education enable our team of professionals to provide the best solutions for remodeling and improving your home. We all need to recognize the part we play in the health of our homes, our communities, and our planet. Lotus Home Improvement has made a solid commitment to helping you find the best possible green products for your home if you so choose. We are also committed to recycling as much of the old material taken out of the home as possible.

Your new kitchen makes our world greener

Lotus Home Improvement have teamed up to plant trees in our nation's national forests. For every full kitchen purchased, a tree will be planted in the customer's name (or name of their choice) at one of 155 National Forests located throughout the United States.

We feel that planting a tree is a great way to thank you for your business, while giving back to our planet and establishing a legacy. Our hope is that as this tree grows, so does our relationship.

Trees provide clean air to breathe and a sustainable habitat, and also prevent soil erosion. They cool our cities, provide food, and help to clean and preserve our water resources. Trees are vital to the renewability of our ecosystems.

Our National Forest system is comprised of 155 forests throughout U.S. with a land mass of over 190 million acres equal to an area about the size of Texas! Your trees will be used in reforestation efforts in our National Forests throughout the country.

We've partnered with to facilitate these tree plantings. They have been helping customers plant trees in our National Forest for all kinds of occasions. We believe just about any occasion is a great reason to plant a tree!

If you'd to learn more about Plant Memorial Tree or to donate directly to their cause, please visit their website at

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