To Ensure Satisfied Customers

Remodeling is a complicated and potentially frustrating process. At Lotus Home Improvement, we have developed a three-step approach to help homeowners understand their options, improve the accuracy of project costing prior to the home improvement contract, and ultimately, maximize the return on investment (ROI) for the homeowner. We do not believe in, nor do we engage in, pushy sales tactics or techniques, such as dropping prices for a signed contract on the spot. 

Step 1. Consultation and Initial Estimate Upon your request, we will schedule an initial meeting to discuss your project at your home, which allows your design consultant to identify the scope of the job, discuss budget, and determine if your project and our company are a good fit. If you would like to move forward and obtain detailed pricing and/or design services, we will be happy to perform those services as part of our Project Development Agreement.  Your design consultant will measure the spaces you are looking to remodel and create a 2D drawing on site. He/she will gather as much information from you as possible, including style and any design ideas you have already researched. Along with the drawings, your design consultant will take a quick video of the space reviewing everything discussed during your meeting.

Step 2. The Project Development Process The Project Development Agreement (PDA) allows us to design intelligently and price accurately. The PDA does not obligate you to build or remodel with us; however, the end result of our design process will be the presentation of a detailed Home Improvement Contract. 

A second meeting will be made be to select preliminary materials for your remodel. Your design consultant will provide sample options and may include in-person visits to some of our distributor locations to facilitate choosing the perfect materials. This may include cabinetry, countertop material, backsplash material, paint, flooring material, doors, decking material, windows, and any other product being used in your home improvement project. With Lotus Home Improvement, no job is too large or too small. Whether you need a sliding door replacement or a complete basement renovation, our customers are given the same respect and organized process to ensure satisfaction and repeat customers. The next step is to review your current floor plan with the designer and create a new, one-of-a-kind design. All trades from demolition, rough construction, cabinetry, installation, to appliance hook up will be discussed. You will be given a game plan along with a proposal detailing each portion of your project with an accurate cost estimate. We offer several financing options for every budget.

The PDA Process is perhaps the most important part of remodeling. By providing a thorough and knowledgeable design experience, we ensure that your project will be thoughtfully designed, using materials and practices which optimize your return-on-investment by creating a comfortable, durable, functional, and healthy space to live in. Simply put, the well-built home is less expensive to live in. It is less expensive to maintain because it lasts a long time (and is backed up by a comprehensive warranty). It is less expensive to heat and cool. Most importantly, the health of the home's occupants is not compromised by unhealthy components and careless workmanship.

We employ and partner with some of the best design professionals in the Chicagoland area. Depending on the scope of your project, we will bring in the designer whom we think is best suited to design and collaborate with you on your project. Once we have a working, conceptual design that you like, we will revisit the initial budget to assure that the scope of the project has not changed significantly and begin to work with you to specify the details of the project. With design refinements, selections, and further assessment taking place, we will work to finalize the budget, and create a detailed Home Improvement Contract.

Typically, design phase accounts for 5-10% of the total project cost, so on a typical $100,000 addition, design fees normally range between $5,000 – $10,000. We provide this at no cost to our potential clients. We view this as your opportunity to get to know us and feel certain that you can trust Lotus Home Improvement for all current and future remodeling projects.

Step 3. Home Improvement Contract Signing the Home Improvement Contract is the final step which initiates a start date for your project. We pride ourselves on creating accurate contracts, providing realistic schedules, and ensuring systematic quality control for an outstanding end result. We will have discussed budget and we do offer several financing options.

how do your prices compare to the competition?

When we have bid against other quality-conscious remodeling companies on the same job, our bids are quite competitive. However, we NEVER low-ball our free estimates to win your business. We pride ourselves on offering realistic estimates, based on our considerable experience and knowledge in the industry. We will NOT cut corners; we remodel every house as if it were our OWN home. We understand the challenges and additional costs associated with remodeling homes, and we build these costs into our initial estimates. We are also committed to winning your trust and your repeat business, which is difficult to do if many “unexpected charges” are added to the project after a contract has been signed.

We are happy to alter the design of a project if we find that the client is unable to invest as much as it would take to build the project as originally envisioned. We are proud to partner with a variety of manufacturers that offer quality products at many different price points. We also offer several different financing options to our customers and will do whatever we can to help.

Every year, a few homeowners will call to tell us that they regretted NOT hiring us. They hired someone who told them that the job could be done for less, and then learned the hard way about the high cost of budget remodeling. Often they tell one of our staff, the job ended up to be just as expensive as we had estimated, AND the quality of the work done by the other contractor was not as good as they knew our work to be.

We are proud to offer quality work at a fair price, and we find that our clients are pleased with the investment they have made in their home by working with Lotus Home Improvement.

how do you communicate with clients during a project?

We pride ourselves on outstanding communication and accessibility before, during, and after a project is completed. Our staff is equipped with cell phones and voicemail to communicate messages, enabling you to reach us during the business day. Typically our staff (and some of our carpenters) utilize text and email for the bulk of communication. We prefer this so we can keep a documented record of decisions and concerns as they arise.

Our Project Manager is involved on larger projects (lasting more than one week) prior to finalizing the contract, and he or she will be in contact with you throughout the remodeling process to assure quality workmanship, accurate implementation of the contract, and your complete satisfaction with the work we are performing.

We typically leave daily jobsite text messages or Emails, to be checked daily for notes and messages. This works very well for homeowners who are not able to speak with or observe our staff throughout the day, to communicate questions and decisions between parties.

Each job is assigned a Lead Carpenter, and that individual will work with us to finalize and clarify any details that need to be resolved as the project progresses. We will consult with each other whenever creative problem solving is required. We understand the importance of doing things correctly, and with so much talent and experience, collaboration among our staff is the most effective way to achieve the best end result for our clients.

what is the time frame for my project?

With every bid, we include an approximate starting date. Once we begin your job, it is our goal to coordinate our crew and our subcontractors to complete the project as efficiently as possible, while maintaining high-quality work and attention to detail.

may I have references for similar projects?

Of course! For every type of project we execute, we have clients willing to speak with you about the remodeling process and the experience of working with us.